Kevin A. Caslow, M.L.I.S.

Digital Analytics, Data Insights, and Information Science

Address: 906 Chinook Ave Akron, Ohio 44305 Phone 330.760.4629


Website:, LinkedIn:


2016-12 – 2018-07 Digital Analytics and Data Insights Specialist Meister Media Worldwide

Working knowledge of the markets served and the audience database, including all demographics collected, behavioral and contextual audience data, media usage, and the interrelations of the data points. Work with various teams throughout the company to capitalize on all touchpoints with the audience. Help identify and collect demographics needed. Identify data gaps and develop ways to fill them. Leading role in establishing, reporting, and analyzing key metrics and KPIs for audience engagement, acquisition, conversion pathing and new product development. Identify market gaps to inform new product development. Create audience profiles, voice of customer identities. Review audience marketing performance data, recommend areas for optimization. Develop an understanding of and characterize anonymous digital audience (i.e., web traffic) and gather actionable audience data. Actively monitor, manage, and derive insights from social media channels. Perform social media audits, evaluate and share insights.Take a leading role in establishing, reporting, and analyzing key metrics and KPIs for digital clients. Conduct research/analyses (of varying complexity/detail) to provide insight into audience behavior and preferences, understand media usage, size marketing opportunity, target new audiences, and measure the impact of initiatives. Present expert audience segmentation and profiling intelligence to enable the creation of relevant marketing audiences. Provide consultative market intelligence to business teams including SEO standardization for highly visible content. Provide market knowledge, advice on audience selection and recommendations that deliver desired 1:1 outcomes for clients’ marketing projects. Establish and manage adherence to data collection standards. Oversee data integrity, accuracy, and security across all channels. Monitor the data standardization and compatibility. Identify ways to improve data collection methods and analysis.

2014-03 – 2015-04 Library Technologies and Systems Coordinator John Carroll University

The primary function of this position was the administration of systems. This included library guides provided by Springshare, Integrated Library Systems (ILS) provided by Innovative Interfaces (III), and the website via WordPress. The appointment included coordinating the upgrade of the ILS from Millennium to Sierra and management of the universities proxy service (WAM Table). New patron loads were done every semester and review files were created for various projects, i.e. weeding, shelf reading, etc. A primary focus of the position was updating the website from an old RedHat server to fit the university’s “look and feel” using WordPress technology. This included migrating and condensing information from the old website to the new, conducting usability testing on the new website, setting “best practices” for creating effective library guides, and updating from library guides 1.0 to library guides 2.0. Subjects were also set for the A-Z list provided by Springshare and new databases were input into the A-Z list. Functioning as OhioLINK lead implementer was part of this post. Another function was coordination with EBSCO to change the university’s holding in “LinkSource” to have a direct link to John Carroll in Google Scholar. Additionally, an EBSCO Discovery Service API, including search capabilities in the EDS, OPAC, and journal titles was created. Load Profile training and updating of the tables were done to fit the library’s needs. New patron loads were done every semester and review files were created for various projects, i.e. weeding, shelf reading, etc. Built search widgets for library guides using HTML. Became the campus expert on ArcGIS software. Started to update the OPAC design and links. Update and administration of the URL SSL certificates. Learned SQL, PHP, and Drupal. Sat on Staff Development Committee.

2011-08 – 2014-03 Reference Image Assistant Northeast Ohio Medical University

The primary function of this position was reviewing lectures to ensure that all images fell within the campus copyright policy. If the images were not compliant then alternative images were located. Within this position there was a great deal of interaction with faculty, students, and staff answering copyright and intellectual property questions. There was strategic planning for the future of the program and this included promotion of services through Web 2.0 technology. A secondary aspect was education on copyright to the greater population of the university. This happened through one-on-one sessions, seminars, and the library guide, including image resources, plagiarism, citation guidelines, copyright, Creative Commons, and subject guides. The guide was continually maintained and improved with new resources and new information about copyright. A seminar on Creative Commons was executed for education on how to use Creative Commons. This included the creation of learning objectives, a Power Point presentation, and marketing. A video of the seminar was created and placed on a library guide dedicated to Creative Commons. Along with the above listed duties other opportunities were afforded for this position. This included the creation of a Healthy Living library guide, via Springshare, that was used for public outreach. Finally with this position there was the management of the university archive. This included archival appraisal, preliminary processing, records management, and the creation of preliminary accession records.


2008-09 – 2010-08 Kent State University, Masters in Library and Information Science

Culminating experience was performed at Cleveland State University. The project included the selection of historic images of Akron, Ohio. The images were then digitized and uploaded to Cleveland Memory Project’s website with the correlating metadata.

1999-09 – 2003-08 Kent State University, Bachelors of Arts in History


Google Analytics
Microsoft Power BI
Google Data Studio
Moz Pro, The Hoth, Web CEO
Microsoft Office, Excel, Outlook, Word, Publisher
CMS, WordPress and Drupal
Programming Languages, HTML, CSS, XML via Oxygen Editor, SQL, MySQL

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